Stihl Ms390 Specs

The stihl ms390 chainsaw has a 64.1cc engine and a 20-inch bar length. The stihl ms390 chainsaw is a powerful machine with a 64.1cc engine and a 20-inch bar length.

If you’ve ever dreamt of transforming into a woodland superhero with a chainsaw cape, then the Stihl Ms390 might just be your secret weapon. This beast of a machine boasts power, precision, and enough torque to make even Paul Bunyan blush.

In this article, we’ll delve into the specs of the Stihl Ms390, unraveling its mighty capabilities and leaving you eager to conquer the forests.

Get ready to channel your inner lumberjack!

Stihl Ms390 Specs


Engine Specs

The stihl ms390 is a powerful, high-performance chainsaw with an impressive engine system. Its engine specs include a horsepower of 4. 4, displacement of 64. 3cc, and torque of 3. 9 nm. These specs make it ideal for heavy-duty tasks, such as cutting thick wood and felling large trees.

The stihl ms390’s engine system also boasts excellent performance data, with high acceleration and quick response times. In short, the engine system of the stihl ms390 is one of its key features, providing reliability, power, and precision for all your logging needs.

Cutting Performance

The stihl ms390 is renowned for its remarkable cutting performance. One of its most notable features is its bar length and chain speed. With a long bar and high chain speed, it can perform various cutting tasks with ease. Additionally, the chain pitch and gauge are significant factors that affect cutting accuracy.

The chain pitch determines the spacing between links, while the gauge determines the width of the drive link. These features are closely related to the chainsaw’s efficiency in cutting trees, and they play a vital role in determining the machine’s overall performance.

With all these functions, the stihl ms390 remains an incredible option for woodworkers and professionals in the forestry industry.


The stihl ms390 boasts design elements that improve user comfort. With careful consideration to weight and balance, this chainsaw avoids being too heavy or awkward to handle. Vibration dampening technology is also incorporated into the design, so the user can work for longer periods without straining their arms.

All of these features work together to improve the user’s overall experience. Whether you’re an experienced arborist or a homeowner working on a diy project, the stihl ms390 is a chainsaw you can rely on and work with comfortably.

Maintenance And Warranty

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your stihl ms390 chainsaw in good working order. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the chainsaw will ensure its longevity. It’s recommended to change the spark plug, fuel filter and air filter annually. Also, check the guide bars and chains, and replace them as necessary.

Stihl offers a limited warranty of up to a year on their products. For the warranty to be valid, the chainsaw should be used and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s important to keep all records and receipts of maintenance and repairs to avail warranty if required.

Be sure to follow these guidelines and take the necessary steps to keep your chainsaw functioning efficiently and to save money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions On Stihl Ms390 Specs

How Much Does The Stihl Ms390 Weigh?

The stihl ms390 weighs around 13. 6 pounds, making it easy to operate for extended periods while minimizing operator fatigue.

What’S The Fuel Capacity Of The Stihl Ms390?

The fuel capacity of the stihl ms390 is 0. 85 litres, ensuring that you have plenty of power to operate the chainsaw for any task.

How Powerful Is The Stihl Ms390?

The stihl ms390 features a 3. 4 kw engine that offers outstanding cutting performance for professionals and homeowners alike.

What Is The Bar Length Of The Stihl Ms390?

The stihl ms390 has a bar length of 20 inches or 50 cm, making it ideal for heavy-duty forestry work, including felling trees and cutting large logs.

Is The Stihl Ms390 Easy To Start?

Yes, the stihl ms390 is easy to start, with a user-friendly decompression valve that ensures easy starting every time, even in cold conditions.


The stihl ms390 specs prove that this chainsaw is a powerful tool that can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. Its 64. 1 cc engine delivers 3. 4 kw of power, making it ideal for both homeowners and professionals. The 20-inch guide bar and chain enable it to cut through thick hardwoods effortlessly.

Users can also enjoy the ease of use and comfort of its ergonomic design. The advanced anti-vibration system and easily accessible air filter make it a practical and efficient choice. Moreover, the safety features like the quick stop chain brake and spark arrestor add an extra layer of security.

If you’re in the market for a high-performing and reliable chainsaw, the ms390 is an excellent choice. Its quality and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for anyone who values efficiency, durability, and precision.

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