Reviewing the best chainsaw helmets on the market

Safety should always come first whether working outside or with wood. A dependable protective helmet is not only an accessory when using a chainsaw; it can actually save your life.

We’ve researched the safety helmet industry to bring you a detailed overview of the top chainsaw helmets on the market so you can be confident you’re receiving the finest protection without sacrificing comfort.

The LOHASPRO Forestry Chainsaw Safety Helmet is the editor’s pick for the best chainsaw helmet. See why by reading the article.

You will be prepared to make a confident decision by the end of this essay, enabling you to concentrate on your current tasks in comfort and elegance. Let’s get going!

LOHASPRO Forestry Chainsaw Safety HelmetHigh-impact resistance
Mesh shield
Integrated ear muffs
Adjustable headband
The best chainsaw helmet on the list
UNINOVA Safety Hard HatANSI Z89.1 approved
The 6-point ratchet suspension system
Built-in ventilation vents
Wide brim
LOHASPRO Hard Hat Safety HelmetIntegrated visor
Adjustable ear muffs for noise reduction
Durable protective helmet
Quick-release buckle
GREEN DEVIL Forestry Safety Helmet3-in-1 protection
High-impact resistance
Mesh shield face protection
Adjustable headband
UNINOVA Forestry Chainsaw HelmetHigh-impact resistance
Smoked visor
Built-in ventilation vents
Lightweight design

Reviewing the best chainsaw helmets

In our chainsaw helmet reviews, we’ll navigate through the best chainsaw helmets in the market, exploring their features, durability of safety helmets, and user experiences.

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LOHASPRO Forestry Chainsaw Helmet: the best chainsaw helmet

Your ideal 3-in-1 solution for professional-grade safety and comfort in tree-logging, wood-cutting, and arborist tasks is this chainsaw forestry helmet. Among the high-quality helmets available, it is the best chainsaw helmet. This helmet is made to keep you safe whether you’re working in logging, gardening, tree cutting, or building.

best chainsaw helmets
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3-IN-ONE forestry equipment: for use with chainsaws, falling branches, logging, and other forestry jobs, this sturdy helmet features a safety hard hat, steel mesh visor, and ear muffs for noise reduction. The visor serves as an eye shield, and the ear muffs for ear protection effectively decrease exposure to moderate to high industrial noises, greatly increasing workplace safety.

Solid protection: strong protection is provided by the ANSI Z89.1-2014 Type I Class C Head Protection, Z87.1 Face and Eye Protection, and S3.19 Hearing Protection standards, which provide the highest level of safety and maximum protection. The high-impact ABS shell, sturdy mesh face shield (a hinged visor), and efficient earmuffs are all part of the construction of this durable helmet.

Comfortable fit: for head sizes ranging from 6 1/2 to 8, the 6-point ratchet suspension mechanism of this protective chainsaw helmet provides a comfortable fit. This safe chainsaw helmet is adaptable and made for usage in hot weather. It has an adjustable range of 20.5 to 25 inches and eight vents for the best possible cooling and airflow.

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Applications: the best chainsaw helmet offers complete head, face, and hearing protection and is perfect for a variety of tasks, including tree cutting, logging, lawn mowing, tree service work, woodworking, and brush cutting.

Safety guarantee: backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, this protective chainsaw helmet is trustworthy and certified. Contact the manufacturer if you’re not completely happy with this safety chainsaw helmet to get a replacement or a full refund.


  • All-in-one protection
  • Integrated ear muffs
  • Meets multiple safety standards
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Versatile for various outdoor tasks
  • Backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee


  • The smoked visor may affect the visibility

UNINOVA Safety Hard Hat

The UNINOVA Safety Hard Hat is your ultimate choice for safety, combining an ANSI Z89.1-approved hard hat, a tinted visor, and NRR 24dB/SNR 29dB earmuffs in one sleek package.

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ANSI-approved safety protection: the hard hat is ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C certified, providing trustworthy head protection that satisfies strict safety regulations.

While the ear muffs adhere to ANSI S3.19 and CE EN352-3 standards for the best hearing protection, the visor eye shield complies with ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166 standards, offering superb eye protection with a plastic visor.

You will have the best safety equipment for your outdoor activities if you hold this high level of certification.

Adjustable fit for comfort: this safety hard hat is adjustable, fitting head sizes from 6 1/2 to 8, and is made to fit a wide range of head sizes (20.47-24.80 inches). Since the visor and earmuffs can rest in an unusual position on top of the helmet while not in use, your workday will be convenient and simple to use.

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Optimal ventilation and breathability: with eight thoughtfully designed vents, this forestry helmet offers the best possible airflow and breathability, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather. Because of the well-ventilated construction, you may work without being uncomfortable because overheating is prevented.


  • All-in-one protection
  • Meets safety standards
  • Adjustable and well-ventilated
  • Comfortable six-point suspension
  • Sweatband and chin strap for added comfort and safety


  • Tinted plastic visors limit visibility in low light

LOHASPRO Hard Hat Safety Helmet

The LOHASPRO Hard Hat Safety Helmet can be your ultimate safety solution, combining a modern design with certified protection for your head, face, and hearing.

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Designed for safety: this helmet offers all-around safety, protecting your head from impact, your face from flying debris, and your hearing from the constant noise. The six-point ratchet suspension absorbs impacts effectively.

Certified material: for complete protection, this product is made with premium materials such as an ABS hardhat helmet shell, a sturdy PC hard hat visor, and NRR 24dB/SNR 29dB earmuffs.

Your safety is guaranteed by certifications for ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C (hard helmet), ANSI Z87.1 (visor), and ANSI S3.19 (earmuffs) when working in the garden, cutting trees, logging, and other activities.

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Simple to use: the adjustable size suits the majority of head sizes between 6 1/2 and 8. Convenience and ease of use are provided by the readily adjustable visor and earmuff placement above the helmet while not in use.

Maximum comfort: this helmet encourages air circulation and breathability thanks to its ventilation design, which includes eight vents. As a result, it is pleasant in hot weather. The sweatband wicks away perspiration for all-day comfort, while the low-profile design and six-point ratchet suspension offer balance and comfort.


  • Comprehensive head, face, and hearing protection
  • Certified to meet industry safety standards
  • Ventilation holes and moisture-wicking for comfort
  • Adjustable visor and ear muffs for convenience


  • Tinted plastic visors may limit visibility

GREEN DEVIL Forestry Safety Helmet

GREEN DEVIL Forestry Safety Helmet offers dynamic protection with its 3-in-1 system. This helmet includes an ABS helmet, adjustable earmuffs, and a mesh visor, ensuring comprehensive safety for forestry professionals and various other industries.

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Customizable fit for maximum comfort: this helmet has a 6-point suspension system that is customizable, boosting shock absorption and comfort overall with ventilation holes.

To keep workers comfortable during the workday, the replacement Egyptian cotton core sweatband has a porous layer for optimal sweat absorption.

The one-size-fits-all design suits heads with a diameter of 20.86 inches to 24.80 inches.

Improved design features: this forestry helmet has movable vent holes that make it simple to adjust for the weather. Workers may adjust the fit using just one hand, even while wearing gloves, and without taking the helmet off. Because of its front-rear-and-side visibility design, it improves user safety in low light.

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Reliable and certified protection: this chainsaw helmet complies with ANSI Z89.1-2014 standards and is CE-approved for the greatest level of quality, safety, and performance. It is made of sturdy, impact-resistant materials.

Versatile use for a variety of professions: designed primarily for forestry professionals, this helmet is ideal for duties requiring face, ear, eye, and head protection, such as mowing, chainsaw operations, handling falling branches, clipping hedges, and pruning shrubs.


  • 3-in-1 dynamic protection system
  • Highly customizable and comfortable fit
  • Enhanced functionality and visibility features
  • Suitable for various industries and tasks
  • Meets stringent safety standards


  • The mesh visor may obstruct vision in certain angles
  • Adjustments might require occasional maintenance

UNINOVA Forestry Chainsaw Helmet

The UNINOVA Forestry Helmet in 091 Lime+Smoked Visor+Earmuff is a complete safety solution for the forestry and gardening industries.

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Improved fit and comfort: designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind, this industrial forestry helmet has a 6-point ratchet suspension system that offers a secure and balanced fit. A chin strap improves stability, which is important when working at heights. The integrated sweatband helps with comfort throughout longer wear in addition to wicking perspiration.

Protection for the ears and eyes: the visor and ear muffs are cleverly made to be comfortable. When not in use, they may be simply flipped up and secured in place for clear viewing and improved communication.

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Strong construction and approved standards: made of sturdy materials, this helmet complies with strict safety regulations. The ANSI Z89.1, Z87, and S3.19 certifications attest to its excellent quality and compliance with industry standards.

Because of its durable design, it is a dependable option for professionals who want durable safety gear.

Customizable and adaptable: adjustable and customizable, this helmet provides a snug and secure fit for head circumferences ranging from 6 1/2 to 8 inches. It is made to fit different head sizes. The one-handed adjustment feature, which enables users to adjust the fit without taking off the helmet, even while wearing gloves, emphasizes its adaptability even more.


  • Quality ear muffs
  • Secure fit and stability with a chin strap
  • Comfortable with moisture-wicking and ventilation
  • Suitable for various forestry and garden tasks


  • The visor might scratch with heavy use
  • May require occasional adjustment for optimal fit

Final verdict

The LOHASPRO Forestry Chainsaw Helmet with Mesh Shield stands out as the best choice in chainsaw helmets for several compelling reasons.

Comprehensive protection

By combining a certified safety hard hat, a retractable metal mesh visor, and adjustable NRR 24dB/SNR 29dB ear muffs, this helmet provides a 3-in-1 solution. In order to defend against potential risks while performing tree logging, woodcutting, and arborist duties, this all-encompassing protection guarantees total coverage for the head, face, and ears.

Reliable safety standards

ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C for head protection, ANSI Z87.1 for face and eye protection, and ANSI S3.19 for hearing protection are all approved for use with this helmet. Its adherence to these exacting safety requirements guarantees that it will offer reliable protection in hazardous workplace settings.

Comfortable and adjustable fit

Designed for comfort, the helmet features a 6-point ratchet suspension system, allowing easy adjustments for a personalized fit. The ventilation design with 8 vents ensures superior cooling and internal air circulation, making it suitable for extended use, even in hot weather conditions.

User-friendly features

When not in use, the retractable metal mesh visor is simply flipped up, allowing for crystal-clear vision and avoiding misting. The adjustable ear muffs may be made to fit above this premium helmet, providing flexibility and convenience. These functionalities that are simple to utilize improve adaptability and usability.

Durable construction

This robust helmet is made to survive harsh situations because of its high-impact ABS shell and long-lasting steel mesh visor. Because of its durable construction, it will last for a long time and offer dependable protection.

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In summary, the Forestry Safety Helmet Chainsaw Helmet with Mesh Shield excels in terms of comprehensive protection, adherence to safety standards, comfort, user-friendly features, and durability.

Its ability to combine top-notch safety with user comfort makes it the best chainsaw helmet for individuals engaged in tree logging, woodcutting, and arborist tasks, ensuring both safety and ease of use in demanding work environments.


Here we will answer common questions about chainsaw helmets.

Should you wear a helmet with a chainsaw?

Yes, when using a chainsaw, it is strongly advised to wear a helmet with face protection (made of mesh and plastic visors), ventilation holes, safety glasses (or anti-fog goggles), and ear protection. A helmet with the proper safety features can dramatically lower the danger of head, face, and ear injuries. Chainsaws carry inherent risks.

How long do chainsaw helmets last?

A chainsaw helmet’s lifespan might vary based on factors like usage, upkeep, and helmet quality. A properly cared-for helmet can typically endure for several years. But it’s important to frequently check your helmet for wear and tear and to replace it if you find any deterioration or damage.

What is the life expectancy of a Stihl helmet?

Like any other chainsaw helmet, the Stihl helmet’s lifespan is influenced by use and upkeep. Safety equipment from recognized company Stihl is robust and trustworthy. This helmet can survive for a number of years with good maintenance and regular checks.

What EN number is a chainsaw helmet?

The “EN” (European Norm) number denotes that a chainsaw helmet complies with European safety regulations. For head protection, ear protection, and face and eye protection, chainsaw helmets are frequently approved under EN 397, EN 352, and EN 1731.

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