How to start Makita chainsaw: a guidance

How to start Makita chainsaw: a guidance

How to start Makita chainsaw? Embarking on the journey of harnessing the potent force of your gas-powered Makita chainsaw demands meticulous initiation.

The synergy of components like the spark coil, spark plug, and throttle trigger orchestrates the symphony of force within this dynamic tool. Safeguarding your every move, the chain brake and combo switch stand vigilant.

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This guide unwraps the ritual, from priming the fuel pump to the decisive pull of the starting handle. We delve into safety precautions, the rhythmic dance of the rewind spring, and the pulsating heartbeat of the engine. Unleash the cutting power of your Makita chainsaw.

Key Moments

  • 🔧 Starting a gas-powered Makita chainsaw requires specific steps, such as stabilizing it on a flat surface and engaging the chain brake.
  • 🛠️ Before operation, check components like the spark plug and chain brake to ensure smooth functioning.
  • ⛽ To fuel up, locate the fuel cap, pour in the fuel mixture, and securely close it to prevent spills.
  • 🕹️ Mastery of controls, including the combination switch and throttle trigger, is crucial for effective operation.
  • 🔥 Understanding the ignition system is vital; troubleshoot if the ignition coil fails.
  • 🌡️ Allowing the chainsaw to idle post-ignition is essential for optimal performance and durability.
  • ⚙️ Safely activating the blade requires a precise sequence to ensure proper fuel delivery and spark coil engagement.
  • 🛑 Properly shutting down the chainsaw involves adjusting the choke position and following post-operation procedures.
  • 💡 Following correct starting procedures not only enhances power but also extends the chainsaw engine’s lifespan.

Required steps to start a Makita

Initiating your gas-powered Makita chainsaw involves precise steps to ensure a safe and efficient start.

  • Begin by placing your chainsaw on a stable surface, engaging the chain brake, and confirming the ignition switch is in the OFF position.
  • Move the choke lever to the closed position and, gripping the rear handle with your right hand and placing your right foot on the rear handle, pull the starting handle evenly.
  • Once the engine ignites, let it warm up by keeping the choke in the open position.
  • Ensure all safety precautions are adhered to, providing you with a smoothly started Makita chainsaw ready for action.

Preparation for use: unveiling your Makita chainsaw

Begin by scrutinizing the spark plug, ensuring its snug fit in the spark coil. In case the ignition coil fails, use an ignition coil tester for swift diagnostics.

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Next, scrutinize the chain brake, throttle trigger, and combo switch, ensuring seamless operation. Position the choke appropriately for cold starting, kickstarting the engine into action.

Regularly inspect the rewind spring, chainsaw pulley, and guide bar for optimal functionality. Familiarize yourself with the fuel pump and starting rope, guaranteeing your Makita chainsaw is always ready for action.

Fueling the Beast: how to gas up your Makita chainsaw

Fueling up your Makita chainsaw is a crucial ritual in powering this impressive tool. To get started, locate the fuel cap on the rear side, using your right foot to stabilize the chainsaw.

Unscrew the cap, ensuring a firm grip, and pour in the fuel mixture.

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As you fill, take care not to overfill, preventing any spills that could pose a hazard. Once fueled, return the cap securely.

A wise move is to check the spark plug hole for any excess fuel and use a spark plug to ensure ignition.

Mastering the controls: understanding your Makita chainsaw panel

Unlocking the intricacies of your Makita chainsaw panel is crucial for seamless operation. The combination switch, serving as the nexus of power, controls essential functions. Positioned in the choke configuration, it ensures proper engine ignition.

Should the spark coil fail, addressing it promptly is vital for sustained power. Understanding each component, from spark plugs to rewind springs, contributes to efficient use.

For cold starts, the repetitive squeezing of the power tool primes it for action.

Regular maintenance, including carburetor cleaning, guarantees that your chainsaw started properly, and delivers optimal power for years.

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Familiarize yourself with the controls, front handle, and guide bar for a safe and effective chainsaw experience.

Ignition insights: starting Makita chainsaw engine

In initiating your Makita chainsaw, understanding the intricacies of the ignition system is paramount. The engine, a powerhouse in Makita chainsaws, relies on a responsive combination switch and choke position.

When the ignition coil fails, a spark plug check and carburetor cleaner use can troubleshoot the issue. For cold starting, it’s advised to repeatedly squeeze the rewind spring, ensuring optimal performance. The front handle offers control, and a well-maintained guide bar enhances longevity.

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby, a safety precaution for the powerful tool.

Warming up: allowing your Makita chainsaw to idle

Ensuring optimal performance from your Makita chainsaw involves a crucial step: allowing it to idle after ignition. Once the engine ignites, resist the urge to immediately engage the chainsaw. Instead, let it idle, allowing the engine to warm up gradually.

This practice is vital for the longevity of your chainsaw, preventing potential damage that can occur if the power tool is thrust into action too swiftly. Chainsaw engines, like any machinery, benefit from a gradual introduction to operation.

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Give your Makita chainsaw this short but essential period of idleness, and it will reward you with consistent and powerful performance over the years.

Engaging the chain: safely activating the blade on your Makita chainsaw

Activating the blade on your Makita chainsaw involves a precise sequence. First, position the choke correctly to ensure optimal fuel delivery.

Pull the recoil starter, and as the rewind spring recoils, the spark coil engages, sparking life into the engine. This simple yet critical process powers Makita chainsaws to deliver more cutting force.

Regular maintenance, like checking spark plugs and ensuring the recoil system functions flawlessly, guarantees that your chainsaw operates smoothly for a lengthy period. Keep these steps in mind, and you’ll harness the full potential of your Makita chainsaw every time you engage the chain.

Shutting down safely: turning off your Makita chainsaw

Ensuring the secure shutdown of your Makita chainsaw is vital. After powering down the engine, carefully adjust the choke position to guarantee optimal functionality during the next use.

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This meticulous post-operation ritual not only preserves the spark coil but also contributes to the chainsaw’s longevity, ensuring it delivers more force consistently over the years. Mastering this procedure is key to a well-maintained Makita chainsaw that performs reliably every time you fire it up.


Initiating your Makita chainsaw is a straightforward process. By understanding the choke position and handling the ignition coil with care, you ensure a robust start to the engine.

Remember, proper starting procedures not only grant you more power but also contribute to the longevity of your chainsaw engine.

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Regular maintenance over the course of a few years will keep your equipment reliable, ensuring that the ignition coil never fails you when you need it most.


How do you start a Makita electric chainsaw?

Activate your Makita electric chainsaw by following the designated start-up procedures. Ensure the power source is connected, grip the handle firmly, and engage the power button to set the chainsaw in motion.

Why is my Makita electric chainsaw not starting?

If your Makita electric chainsaw is unresponsive, check for potential issues such as a depleted power source, a damaged power cord, or a malfunctioning switch. Identifying and addressing these problems will help troubleshoot the starting issue.

How do I start my chainsaw?

Starting a chainsaw involves a sequence of actions. Confirm the fuel levels, set the choke to the appropriate position, and pull the starter rope with controlled force. Following these steps will ignite the chainsaw engine.

Why wont my chainsaw start?

When facing difficulty starting your chainsaw, investigate potential causes like fuel problems, spark plug issues, or air filter blockages. Identifying and resolving these issues will typically solve the problem of a chainsaw refusing to start.

Makita EA3201 Chainsaw

Video Takeaways

  • 00:00 🔍 The Makita EA3201 Chainsaw offers features typically found in higher-spec models, despite being entry-level.
  • 00:42 ⚙️ The saw features an Easy Start recoil starter and Memory Power Ignition technology for effortless starting and restarting.
  • 01:24 🛠️ User-friendly controls include an on-off choke combination switch and a touch-and-stop switch for engine shutdown.
  • 01:38 🚧 Enhanced safety features include a vibration damping system and an inertia chain brake for operator protection.
  • 02:05 🌳 The EA3201 comes with a 35cm bar and toolless external tensioning system for easy maintenance and adjustment.
  • 02:34 🛑 An inertia chain brake provides instant chain stoppage in case of kickback or can be manually activated for secure transport.
  • 03:03 ⛽️ Maintenance is straightforward with easily accessible fuel and oil filler caps, along with a fleece air filter resistant to dust and dirt.

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